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Your photos, edited your way.

Premiere custom editing for wedding photographers by a wedding photographer. Trust that I’ve got your back, so you can put your time into what you love.

You’re tired. You love photographing and spending time with you couples but dread the editing part of your photography business. It takes you hours. You want more time to spend with your family & friends and simply time to relaxxx.

You already spend so many of those moments out shooting, why spend even more time away from the people you love behind a computer screen?

Let me handle this for you. As a wedding photographer myself, I know how important these photos are. I know how precious every little memory is from this day and how much love went into every. Single. Shot. I’m going to care for these little babies like they are my own.

Now, when I was working two full time jobs, I tried outsourcing my editing because I could just not keep up! I was so tired all the time and felt like I had no time for family, friends, or even to just simple relaxation time. Unfortunately, I went with a large editing company and the edits were not tailored to me at all. I ended up having to completely re-edit them to have the colors fit with my style… so wasting my time and my money. Honestly, this is how most of those big companies work. Someone random edits your photos in one of the three styles they have to choose from and they send it back. Let me repeat that. One of the THREE styles THEY have. Not your style. I knew I had to create a better solution for photographers! One that is completely customized, saving time and money.

My mission is for you to do what you love + let me handle the rest!! Go out and photograph that amazing couple’s beautiful day. Then, I’ll take the rest off your plate so you have time to get back to livin’ your life! I’m going to edit your images in your style, using your presets. It will look just like you edited the full gallery but guess what?! You got to go to that special dinner, weekday happy hour with your friends, your child’s weeknight game!

How This All Works

1. Kick off call
I’ll walk you through the steps of exporting your smart previews and we’ll chat about your personal editing style.

2. Upload your images + send over presets
You’ll export your gallery from lightroom as smart previews and share any presets you use!

3. Place your order
I’ll prepare some samples for your approval ensure that everything is done according to your style before completing the whole set.

4. Quick turn around
Most orders are returned within 5-10 business days. You export your photos and upload them to your client’s gallery! Done! I do have rush order options if you need them back super super fast.


1. Basic
$0.30 per photo
You want the big stuff out of your way but you want to handle all the little details like blemish removal, burning & dodging, cropping, and removal of distractions yourself.

2. Gallery Ready
$0.40 per photo
You don’t want to worry about a thing! I’ll handle it all and your photos will be ready to export into your couple’s gallery.
I’ll be your personal editor, handling everything: customized style, color correction, White balance, highlight recovery, temperature/tint, exposure/ brightness, contrast, clipping, conversion to black/white, tone curve, saturation, hue, luminance/grain/ noise reduction, straightening, cropping, blemish removal, burning/ dodging, removal of minor background distractions.

Photoshop—Some photos might need a little extra love and that is okay! Images that need heavy photoshop work will be $1- $10 depending. Don’t worry, we will chat about it first!

My mission is to give you time back. Your life back.

I work with a very limited number of photographers so that every single photo gets the time and attention it deserves.

Think we’d be a good fit?

Let’s Get Started


I wanted to create the outsource editing solution that I desperately needed but couldn’t find for others! Gallery ready editing custom tailored to the photographer. I actually have a fine arts painting background and really really enjoy the post processing side of photography! You can trust how much I am personally invested in your photos, cause I have been in your shoes.

I will use your presets/ brushes to personally edit your photos and study your work. In addition, I’ll have you will edit some anchor images in each lighting situation for our first few weddings together! After these first few catalogs, I’ll have your style down pat!

I also edit couples sessions! These have a 3 day turn around.

5-10 business days! Depending on the time of year, your photos will be ready even faster 🙂

Super easy! You will export your catalog as smart previews from LR, zip it up and upload to a dropbox file! (Don’t worry, I’ll send you step by step instructions or walk yah through it on a phone date!).

I work exclusively with the current version of lightroom CC.

You will be invoiced per individual order. No work will begin until payment has been made in full.

Satisfaction guarantee: I am not done editing until you feel the images are ready to deliver to your client.

I do offer advanced photoshopping for $1/minute.

Absolutely! I will edit 15 images for free to see if we are a good fit for one another. During our first gallery edit together, I will send you a little preview from each part of the day to make sure I am in sync with your editing style.

Of course! I only feature works after gaining written permission from the client. You do not have to share with your couples/ clients that we are working together!

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