Wildly authentic love.

small weddings, big feels

Let’s celebrate that real love stuff.

The weird, wild, fierce, magical, perfectly imperfect

Perfection? Nah. You prefer authenticity.

Your wedding should reflect exactly who you are.

You’re a chill at a local brewery with your tight circle kind of person. Regulars at your neighborhood café kind of couple. You don’t worry about chasing after the next big thing because you know what really matters are experiences.

You want your wedding to be authentic. You need a photographer who gets it. Hey hey. I’m Shelly, and I got you.

I search for those small, genuine moments. You know the ones. Like that shared grin because how did you get this lucky to be marrying such a fox?! This isn’t a few quick portraits and a forced smile. I wanna tell your WHOLE story.

I’m all about genuine moments, connections, and giving you an experience to last a lifetime.

Documenting the Perfectly Imperfect

Mega Love Meets Micro Weddings.

This is the big stuff. Celebrating what matters most in the places that mean the most. Forest or field. Backyard or city streets. Rooftop or even a freakin’ mountaintop. Just you two or your closest friends and family. I love working with couples who make their own traditions.

I can promise you this: This is gonna be anything but a staged, forced photo experience.

My philosophy is simple: I’m documenting your personality, not a pose.

How I Work

  • Let’s Celebrate Real Life Love

    Coffee enthusiast / Wildflower fanatic / Dog obsessed / Love junkie

    I’m all about celebrating those little moments that are at the heart of your relationship. The beauty in your everyday. Your morning coffee porch talks and surprise bear hugs. The sideways glance you share or the way you brush your fingertips together in hello.

    My goal is to capture the way you interact when a camera isn’t around.

    Yeah, hear me out.

    When I document your wedding authentically, you’ll see yourselves in your photos, not some stranger in a pretty outfit. A lifetime from now, these genuine photos will help you relive this wild experience.

    Come Say Hey

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  • Jill + Pat

    Shelly is one of THE most amazing and talented Washington DC wedding photographers I’ve ever met. She made me and my fiancé feel at ease and talked us through the whole shoot, so we felt comfortable and were having FUN! She had such a way of capturing us so naturally and in our element. She really captured the essence of us as a couple. I cannot recommend her work enough. She is seriously a goddess with a camera. Thank you SO much Shelly, for giving us photos that we will cherish forever.

  • Allison + Jack

    Shelly was absolutely wonderful to work with! She made us so comfortable during our engagement shoot and on our wedding day, we really enjoyed getting to know her. She got so many shots I wouldn’t have even expected, it was so exciting going through our photo gallery and seeing the final products. We are so pleased…she did a phenomenal job capturing our day. I would not think twice about recommending her to anyone looking for a wedding photographer in Washington DC, she’s awesome!!

  • Liv + Jon

    From the moment we first saw Shelly’s photos online, we knew that she was the one! It was great to get to know her prior to the wedding; I think that made the difference in being able to capture who we are. Skip ahead to our wedding day and OH.MY.GOD. I am blown away by her talent. I have never felt more beautiful than I have in her photos! She truly captured the wonderment of that day (including getting soaked in the rain with us!!!) and I couldn’t have asked for more! THANK YOU SHELLY!