Why not just create an album myself through somewhere like Shutterfly or Target?

This method will be cheaper yes, but that’s just it. It’s going to be cheaper. Your $15 album is going to look like a $15 album and is probably going to fall apart after a year. Bottom line, you get what you pay for. This album isn’t just a photobook, it is an heirloom and it should be created to last forever.

Places like CVS and Costco are great for printing personal photos (I totally do this!) but anything bigger than 5×7 will just not print very well as these stories just don’t really do high quality printing. Also, these companies do not do color matching. So there is a super high chance of you looking completely orange in your prints and images turning out completely wrong color-wise. They are not going to look like they do on your computer when you go the cheap route. You want these photos to be part of your life for generations and generations so you can relive your day and share your story! I recommend printing through my high quality printer so that I can ensure that the colors are accurate and that the quality will stand the test of time. I will personally design your album and it will be one of a kind, made completely for you in every way.