Intimate Destination Wedding Photography | Sorrento Italy

Intimate Destination Wedding Photography | Sorrento Italy

Intimate Destination Wedding Photography in Sorrento Italy

couple kisses in cute yellow vintage car in italy

Intimate Destination Wedding Photography in Sorrento Italy.

On a late June day, at a historic 14th-century monastery on the Amalfi Coast in Sorrento, Italy, Matt and Jennifer got married. If it sounds like something out of a fairytale, it WAS.

Twelve of their closest friends and family, Matt and Jennifer, and two VERY happy photographers got to fly to Sorrento to witness their wedding ceremony at the Saint Francis Cloisters.

From the moment they began planning their wedding, Jenn and Matt knew the most important thing to them was to have an intimate wedding. Meaningful vows with the most important people in the world around them is what they achieved, and much much more. 

Destination Wedding Planning

For a lot of people, considering a destination wedding is stressful. Even the planning of it seems daunting. Who takes care of what? What happens if something happens overseas? Jenn and Matt knew it was the right choice for them. So they rallied the troops and hired the amazing ladies at Sorrento Sunland, who took care of everything… and I mean everything. If you’re going to do a destination wedding, you need a team like them on your side!

The most important thing to Jenn and Matt is that they spent 100% of their time with friends and family. They wanted this celebration to be about all the people who cared for them and helped bring them together So, instead of doing their portraits on the wedding day, we decided to do a day after session at sunset. Just wait until I show you this session, it’s coming soon here to the blog.

Matt and Jenn wanted to relax, to drink in the beauty of Italy, and they wanted to drink cappuccino with the people they love… lots and lots of cappuccinos with them. I’m still dreaming about those cappuccinos’ all these months later.  On the day of the wedding, Matt even sent one up to Jenn to enjoy while she got her hair and makeup done!

On the way to the wedding at the Cloisters, Jenn and her mom got picked up by a vintage 500s yellow convertible that was AMAZING. Even more amazing was the response of people on the streets, laughing and clapping for Jenn… YES QUEEN!

This cloister was the perfect choice for their ceremony. In a courtyard covered with tranquil green vines and lush flowers, they exchanged I do’s in a perfect, simple ceremony performed by Jenn’s brother.


Then dinner… OMGGG dinner at El Buco. Let’s just say that eating Italian food in Italy at a Michelin restaurant is now a bucket list item I can cross off. If you are in the area, highly recommended.

After dinner, the gang went to dance the night away in style at Sky Bar, ending a fantastic day that was everything they wanted it to be. The most amazing thing to me that the entire day everyone, and I mean everyone was happy and relaxed. You could see everyone just taking in every moment, and it was a heartfelt experience all around.

Jenn and Matt, your approach to the day you wanted was as flawless as the Italian sky was on the day you married. Congratulazioni!

The Team

Venue | Saint Francis Cloisters
Makeup & Hair | Jimena Puy
Car | Yellow Vintage 500s
Wedding Planner | Sorrento Sunland
Bar | Sky Bar

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