Intimate Elopement in Iceland | Iceland Elopement Photographer

Intimate Elopement in Iceland | Iceland Elopement Photographer
Iceland Elopement Photography

Iceland Elopement Photography | DC Destination Wedding Photography

As an artist continuing education is high on my priority list. This year, Patrick (my hubs/ second shooter) and I attended The Alpine Northwest Workshop in ICELAND!! We learned everything there is to know about Iceland elopements and had our creative brains lit on fire by our incredible instructors India Earl, Anni Graham, and Jordan Voth.

Claire + Jordan, who recently had their own wedding in Utah, modeled for us! Their styled intimate mountain top elopement in the glazers of Iceland was THE most amazing adventure.

If you’ve been on the fence about eloping over a big wedding- DO IT.

Elopements are so meaningful and you two get to have your own unique experience together.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to visit Iceland.  It’s such a remote, quiet place that until recently, you didn’t hear much about. 

Never in my dreams did I think Patrick and I would spend time there on the side of a mountain photographing two amazing people in love! 

It was an experience we will never forget. Claire and Jordan, thank you for you for your adventurous souls.


Iceland’s weather is tempestuous and wild, so you never know what you’re going to get from day to day, or even hour to hour. It can be bright and sunny one minute and cloudy and hazy a few minutes later. 

The day before their mountainside styled elopement we hiked with them to a secret waterfall. (Check it out here).

It was almost otherworldly, and very different from the tropical waterfalls that Claire and Jordan have in their new home state of Hawaii!

It turns out that Iceland has also been on Claire and Jordan’s bucket list, and they wanted to do something that was just for them: an elopement that was stress-free, beautiful, and romantic.

When we hiked to the top of that mountainside outside of Reykjavik and saw that view, I don’t think any of us spoke for a few seconds. 

Elopements let your love shine- they aren’t bogged down by anything. You are fully focused on the once in a lifetime experience you are having with the love of your life. The photos will not only visually stunning but deeply personal.

There was a moment when the sun came out and lit up the golden valley below and the tributaries of water sparkled, and there we were, photographing two people in love in our bucket list places. 

It was a fantastic moment for all of us, and I feel like we’ll share that forever!

After the elopement shoot, we all camped together in traditional Icelandic cabins right at the foot of their mountain.

Patrick and I were also able to spend some time driving around Iceland, exploring geysers, black sand beaches, and marveling over the raw beauty there.

Claire and Jordan, thank you so much for sharing your adventure with us. Of all the amazing things we saw in Iceland, photographing your love and connection remains the most beautiful.

The Team

Photographer| Shelly Pate Photography
Florals | Thordisz Zophia
Dress | BHLDN

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