WHY bother investing in an album or printing your photos???

‘Cause your amazing memories shouldn’t be stuck behind a tiny screen.
Hold them. Love them. Display them.
Experience that beautiful day over and over and over.

cherish + celebrate your story

  • ”We absolutely love our album and were so happy when we found out Shelly offered album services in addition to our wedding photography package. We loved reliving our wedding day through our gorgeous album we customized and are so excited to have it!”

    Ariane + Takumi

You just invested thousands of dollars on these photos. Why just keep them behind a tiny little phone screen?

I know things just got super serious but it is so important!!

Why invest so much money and time into these photos when one or two are going to live as the background on your tiny phone? Photos are meant to be printed. They are meant to be tangible things that you HOLD—that you LOVE. They should be cherished and displayed so that you can relive those feelings over + over again.

You hired me to document your love story. Reality check, digital galleries are fantastic! They get you your photos super fast, you can send, share, and order away. Those digital downloads are also great as a safe back up, but your photos aren’t meant to live forgotten on that hard drive your put them on for safe keeping. Where are your photos going to be in 10 years? 25 years? What about when all the technology changes again? Patrick and I also received our wedding photos via an online gallery. Can you guess how many times we went through our full wedding day on that online gallery after we received it initially? Yeah like maybe once… on our first anniversary…. maybe?

I often get asked if I regret anything from my own wedding/ is there anything I would have done differently? You know what I regret? Not creating an album right away! It took us 3 years, which is totally crazy. Now, it is like my most treasured possession. When the fire alarm goes off in our building, we grab the Moose and the album. Now, Our photos are part of our home and not JUST the ones we selected to print and hang up—ALL of them—our whole day.

We keep our album out on our coffee table and I find that one of us is always flipping through it. It’s amazing to see our whole story all together in such a beautiful way – our own magic story book. It’s also super fun when people come over and we get to look through it together! (Secret- the big smile I get never fails and getting butterflies on a random Wednesday = the best thing ever.)

Want to gift a wedding album or print credits?

Wedding albums and prints make amazing wedding gifts for friends and family. Click the button to send me an email and let’s chat about options for gifting!


You’ve already done the hard part…you know, planning a wedding and getting married and all…so now it’s time to relax and have some fun.

1. First, you and your love will go through your gallery and pick your favorite 60-80 photos. Then I will start designing away!

2. You will select the size of your album, cover, amount of spreads, and debossing. I have some standards to choose from or we can create a custom design for the front of your album!

3. I’ll send over a cloud preview of the design layout and you’ll let me know if we want to make any changes. Once changes have been made and you love it, we will put the order in! It will be on your door step within 4 weeks or less!

Pro tip: When you’re ready to get started, grab your new spouse, a glass of wine, and make a cozy date of going through your wedding images to choose which ones will go into your beautiful wedding album.

Ready to do this thing?

Let’s do it!


This method will be cheaper yes, but that’s just it. It’s going to be cheaper. Your $15 album is going to look like a $15 album and is probably going to fall apart after a year. Bottom line, you get what you pay for. This album isn’t just a photobook, it is an heirloom and it should be created to last forever.

Places like CVS and Costco are great for printing personal photos (I totally do this!) but anything bigger than 5×7 will just not print very well as these stories just don’t really do high quality printing. Also, these companies do not do color matching. So there is a super high chance of you looking completely orange in your prints and images turning out completely wrong color-wise. They are not going to look like they do on your computer when you go the cheap route. You want these photos to be part of your life for generations and generations so you can relive your day and share your story! I recommend printing through my high quality printer so that I can ensure that the colors are accurate and that the quality will stand the test of time. I will personally design your album and it will be one of a kind, made completely for you in every way.

Once your order is finalized, the album will be ready within 4 weeks! My printer is super awesome though and usually it is faster than that!!

Either one!! A lot of my couples add one onto their wedding package. Some add it to their wedding registry so family and friends can contribute!! Many of my couples will wait a few months after the wedding excitement has calmed down and they have their gallery. It also makes a great first anniversary celebration! Really, it so flexible and we can do whatever is best for you!

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