The best smartwatches you can buy in 2019

Although smartwatches have existed for a long, long time, their foray into the mainstream is only recent. With companies like Samsung, Apple, Asus, Huawei, and several others are working day and night to improve the watches, and truly make the experience a lot better.

Amidst all this, there lies the consumer mindset that still believes that the traditional, analog watches are way, way better as they are crafted with great precision, as well as perfection. This has led to numerous debates about how smartwatches shouldn’t exist or are considered the bane of the wristwatch concept.

Still, for people who actually prefer their watches display all the necessary information that comes to their phone, all tied into one ecosystem actually consider smartwatches to be very useful, and following that into the market, the 10peeps recommend android watches in 2019 at this point is creating a separate entity for itself.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

You don’t have to use a Samsung phone to enjoy the benefits of owning a Samsung smartwatch, and the Galaxy Watch Active provides the most well-rounded wearables experience for Android users right now. It’s compact and light but features an extremely sharp and vivid touch display that’s easy to navigate and fun to use. The Tizen OS is smooth and battery-friendly, unlike Google’s own Wear OS, and while the app selection isn’t huge, the core tenets are there, like Spotify, Strava, Flipboard, and more.

The Galaxy Watch Active contains its primary purpose in its name: exercise tracking. The watch comes with GPS built-in, and features automatic workout-tracking, along with sleep tracking, water, food and caffeine consumption tracking, and more. But if you mainly wear a smartwatch for notifications, the Galaxy Watch Active delivers there, too, with excellent support for Android’s notification system, letting you reply using your voice, the built-in keyboard, or with one of the many quick answers.

Finally, battery life, while not quite as good as some of the other larger watches on the list, is still excellent, and the watch can be topped up with select Qi wireless pads or with the Galaxy S10’s Wireless PowerShare feature.

With a solid price point, the Galaxy Watch Active is definitely our favorite Android smartwatch, and one of the best currently available — at least until the Galaxy Watch Active 2 comes out.

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music

There’s a smartwatch for every type of Android user, and the Garmin Forerunner 245 Music is an outstanding choice for anyone who runs, bikes, or swims. It’s not the best smartwatch but it does receive notifications from your phone. If you don’t need much more than that — and who does these days? — the Forerunner 245 makes up for it with incredible 7+ day battery life, or 6 hours with GPS enabled, which is more than enough for a marathon (or two if you’re really good).

Better yet, the transflective screen means that the Forerunner 245 is easily visible in direct sunlight, making it perfect for long outdoor excursions. There’s also music storage and the option to stream from Spotify or Deezer, which is seriously great if you’re trying to hit those personal bests. Add in 24/7 heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, advanced workout capture and advanced features like VO2 max estimation, a recovery advisor, and more, this is an awesome option.

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G

Wear OS as a platform is actually not all that bad, but it generally lacks hardware that lets it perform well. With the arrival of the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G, we’re still looking at the ancient Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset, but thanks to a RAM boost, this is the best performing Wear OS watch that you can actually afford.

Mobvoi is one of the more popular names in Wear OS today, and last year’s TicWatch Pro was one of the best options for most people when it comes to battery life. Now, with the TicWatch Pro 4G, the company is adding LTE and better performance to that package. The 45mm watch features up to 2 days of battery life, a dual-layer display with an OLED panel for Wear OS, IP68 water resistance, NFC, GPS, a heart rate monitor, Mobvoi’s TicHealth with automatic tracking, and a speaker for phone calls and Google Assistant.

There’s also LTE connectivity, but that’s exclusive to Verizon Wireless. Even without an LTE connection, though, it’s a capable Bluetooth watch that’ll work fine without the cellular connection.


Fossil is now on its fourth generation of smartwatches, with the company learning from and improving each new iteration. As a result, Fossil Sport is probably the best Wear OS smartwatch available to buy today. It’s a premium smartwatch which features GPS, a lightweight design, and the Snapdragon Wear 3100 chip inside, which offers a greatly improved experience over older smartwatches.

As it runs Google’s Wear OS, there are a plethora of apps and watch faces to choose from, so it’s better than the Samsung smartwatches in that respect. You can expect around two days of battery life, and, while the Sport doesn’t feature any unique features, it is still a very capable, wearable, smartwatch.


The Huawei Watch GT is different from every other smartwatch on this list – it’s a mix between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker. It looks like a smartwatch, and it has a great, high-resolution screen. It can even run basic system apps (like a calendar) and notify you about calls and messages. It can’t run third-party apps, however, and you can’t personalize the watch faces.

Its main focus is on fitness tracking, with the Watch GT keeping tabs on your lifestyle and exercises. It has a heart-rate sensor and GPS. Of course, without the integration of Strava or other fitness apps, this is more likely to appeal to fitness novices rather than road warriors.

What’s most impressive is that the battery life lasts around 30 days, meaning, theoretically, you’ll only have to charge it 12 times a year. The Huawei Watch GT is a weird sell, but if basic fitness tracking, notifications, and long battery life are key, then this could be the smartwatch for you.