I’m Shelly- coffee enthusiast, dog- video obsessed (like I will literally cry about the cuteness), calling Washington, DC home.  Originally though, I’m from Georgia- so bringing a little southern charm up north : ) I am a natural light photographer specializing in intimate weddings + elopements in the DMV area + beyond.

I am all about a good cup of coffee (like seriously.)… multiple times a day. I love traveling, adventures, and just exploring DC with my husband Patrick. We have a very large “puppy” named Moose and you’ll always find a stock of craft beer in the fridge. Our favorite thing is to try ALL the awesome food that the city has to offer! There is a list. Its color coded.

90’s alternative is still my jam and my husband and I have a “special” TV cycle which involves watching The Office or Parks + Rec in between every new show – what can I say, they have our hearts! I am a Harry Potter girl (yes, there is a tattoo involved) and could probably..definitely.. live off chips + salsa.

I fell in love with people in love + haven’t looked back. People who love deeply, with their whole heart have captured mine. I work with beautiful souls who are romantic, unique, silly, adore each other and want a photographer who will capture the real stuff- the natural things + interactions- however small or silly they may be. They are up for adventure (weather we are wandering around the city or exploring the woods), are okay to get their dress a little dirty, and want to fully enjoy their day, not have it be a “big production”.  

These photos are an investment and I want them to capture who you two are together- your story. I am not about those posed, stiff photos- lets face it, those are not the ones that really represent you, your relationship or how you love. I want you to interact with your person. I seek the little in between, sometimes “messy”, moments that will bring you back a lifetime from now.  I am after the feelings.

Lets capture the REAL stuff. The perfectly imperfect souls you are who love madly, everyday.

                                                     Tell me your story & lets go on an adventure!

                                                X O X O