A little info for yah

These photographs are an investment. While you are caught up in all the little details- choosing the bridesmaid dresses, the florals, the playlist, who is sitting where- its easy to forget that these photos will be the only thing that lasts beyond your wedding day. I want each precious memory that I capture to take you back to that exact moment a lifetime from now.

If you are looking for “perfect” posed photos, then we might not be the best fit for each other- and that is OK! It is your day and you deserve exactly what you are looking for. However, if you are looking for someone to artistically document your day as it happens, naturally then we will be a great combo!

I want these photos to capture YOUR relationship and day. The REAL stuff. The UNIQUE stuff that makes your love shine. The details + guests will of course be photographed. We will get those formal shots too, but my focus will be on interactions- on your relationship with each other, your family, and your friends. I want to more more than just a vendor- I want to get to know you. I want to dig a little deeper- I want to hang out and get to know you two. I want this to be an amazing experience for you guys- a fun, relaxing experience with a friend behind the camera. Don’t worry if you haven’t had photos taken before or “can’t take a good photo to save your life”. We will be adventuring, laughing, playing, dancing – you will be focused on this incredible, lovely, perfectly weird person you are about to marry and totally forget about the camera : )

I fully believe that your wedding day is more than just a ceremony, more than the pretty little details. It is a day full of emotions and new beginnings to your story. I want to capture that little quiet time as you get dressed, that first look, the beautiful tears and laughter that will happen throughout the day -and not just from you- the “messy” imperfect moments that are actually truly wonderful and perfect.  Knowing that these images are going to have a place in your home, to take you back to this freaking A-mazing day for the rest of your lives is such an honor.

-love wild + imperfectly-